I’m a glass artist. I like to work with glass. My passion comes from my motto “Never give up”. I am a long term survivior of terminal illness which has taught me that life doesn’t quit because the doctors say it will and nor have I. There is love and beauty all around us to be discovered in even the most darkest of places. Light and dark, good and bad intermingle and come together to teach us life’s most basic and essential lessons required if our souls are to ascend. Time is irrelevent. We are all given enough time and trial in order to learn what we must in this dimension of time before we graduate to our next plane of existence.

Some fail to see the lesson and truth amidst oppression, prejudice, suffering and denial that we have built our world around. It is up to us to find that within ourselves. To look through humble eyes and learn with open mind and pure of heart. To believe in oneself after truly seeing oneself is the ultimate power.

Absorb and become larger, stronger than before. Keep chakras aligned and follow a path with integrity. The mind works in mysterious ways. Focus on what is importnat and live for the moment of enlightenment, never judge a man unjustly for that which he has not been taught. Pitfalls befall us all. It is how we learn so pass on the knowledge and offer a hand. Look past the obvious and see into the soul.

Color and diversity is of course the spice of life. Let the colorful flavors inspire and amaze your senses. A pot of gold might not be found at the end of a rainbow yet we might become rich on our journey there by simple respect, appreciation and acknowledgment for the spectrum of colors before us. I use the colours that I see in our everyday world and incorporate a virtual kaleidascope of harmony by their placement within my artwork and journey through life’s classroom.

I believe beauty and higher learning don’t exist in a dimension of sameness.

If you have any questions or want to purchase any of my art, please write to me at imd-one [at] live [dot] ca.

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